How we do it

How we do it

Fair Farming Foundation

Our programs are designed on the principle that communities can take ownership of their own development through participation & implementation of projects. Rural communities work together to create sustainable programs for managing water resources, increasing agricultural productivity, creating rural infrastructure, promoting education, ensuring environment sustainability and providing safe drinking water. Our key strategies for creating sustainable rural development are using a community based approach and leveraging people’s participation. We aim to improve the social & economic situation of people in underdeveloped areas of rural India.
Fair Farming Foundation’s community engagement model, innovative and strategic approach in achieving significant and sustainable development solutions is appreciated and applauded by all its stakeholders, which gives Fair Farming Foundation a unique identity of a highly committed and professional Agency. Strengthening Village-Level Institutions is a complementary initiative designed to enhance the responsiveness, accountability, and transparency of the village councils and committees by providing leadership skills, trainings, and interventions for facilitating the effective delivery of our services.

Every Rupee Counts, How we use our Funds.

We started our NGO because we wanted to bring some positive changes to society. We feel ourselves as a part of the society we live in & realize it is our responsibility to make a difference. We are very much focussed on our projects and open to any idea, suggestion which can help us to impact more lives in a better way. Sometimes more than the money , ideas and suggestions from individuals, organizations, corporates works effectively to impact other lives. Also, it is not about how much money our partner is contributing, we believe each rupee counts & each rupee should go to beneficiary.

We are looking to partner with individuals, organisations who want to make a positive impact on society. Not necessarily, partner’s contribution in monetary terms.